Jeremy McCormack

TV Journalist

CBC Newsworld - On The Map with Avi Lewis

On The Map with Avi Lewis is a daily international affairs analysis program on CBC Newsworld. A fast-paced half-hour show with substance and attitude, On the Map combines sharp talk, compelling footage from around the globe, and a wide spectrum of passionate opinion. OTM gives viewers a look at the 'why' behind the international headlines, while also looking at stories that are often missing from the mainstream news cycle.

Jeremy McCormack was one of two tape producer responsible for researching, writing, sourcing images and tape, and delivery a concise paper edit for two stories, every day.

On the Map - Richard Dawkins

Jeremy McCormack - Tape Producer

This clip is from the 9 minute interview cut from an hour and a half interview with Richard Dawkins, author of 'The God Delusion'. The world's leading atheist attempts to be witheringly polemic.

On the Map  -  Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Jeremy McCormack - Tape Producer

A daily (Monday-Thursday) half-hour of international news commentary. 

In this clip, Avi Lewis conducts an interview with political writer Ayaan Hirsi Ali, sharply questioned some of her views - including her denial of the existence of Islamophobia, her belief that Islam was inherently misogynistic, and her positive opinions concerning American democracy. Lewis compared Islamophobia to Anti-Semitism, seeing both as equally real, to which Ali replied: "Racism is a universal trait, so is antisemitism, by the way. But I want us not to confuse a set of beliefs such as Islam, with ethnicity such as the hatred against Jews just because they are Jews, or against blacks just because they are black, or against gays just because of- it's something you can't do anything about. Whereas Islam is simply a set of beliefs, and it's not Islamophobic to say ... this is being done in the name of your religion."

The interview provoked a strongly critical response from right-wing commentators in the US and Canada.

On the Map - John Bolton

Jeremy McCormack - Tape Producer

The Iraq Oil Law... a little known document at the heart of the war. A law that would put the country's most valuable resource into the hands and wallets of foreign multinationals. Whether or not you believe it was the goal of the U.S. invasion in the first place, oil is key to Iraq's future. It's also key to U.S. plans for the country. Avi talks to John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, who defends the controversial law.

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