Jeremy McCormack


Camp X

Camp X – Historically ground-breaking feature length documentary

The story of Camp X is a powerful, provocative and dramatic reminder of the extreme measures and sacrifices made in the name of peace, exploring one of the few great secrets left from WW2. It is a spy training camp so controversial that the whole truth will never be known. 

Trainees at the camp learned sabotage techniques, subversion, intelligence gathering, lock picking, explosives training, encode/decode, recruiting techniques for partisans, unarmed combat and the art of silent killing. As a communication system, Hydra provided an essential tactical and strategic component of the larger Allied radio network as a listening and transmitting station for secret information across North America and Europe. Told in the first person from those who were involved, including the real James Bond, Ian Fleming, the real ‘Intrepid,’ and real codebreakers, saboteurs and agents.

Borradaile’s Century

Borradaile’s Century is a tribute to brilliant cameraman whose career and 100-year life parallels the development of filmmaking. Osmond Borradaile, Oscar winning, master cinematographer, adventurer and innovator started in Hollywood’s early days making silent films and led the way, transitioned to sound, colour and technicolour, often the first to shoot on location on six continents. The film follows his life, his work and his journey, crossing the globe, with match dissolves to original locations.

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